Saturday, 29 November 2014


When even today some of my friends keep telling me to move out of teaching, saying, ‘you are wasting your time here’, their words take me in the reverse gear of time when a very dear friend, a big name in the advertising world had once offered me a leap into the world of lies when I had just begun my career as a teacher. Pardon me if I believe it to be so calling it the world of fibs; as how else can I claim to make a dark skin shine white at the application of a cream or ten young boys run after a girl simply because she has sprayed on herself a particular talcum powder?

So I continued passionately sharing knowledge; you could say that I chose a road less travelled at that time. This does not imply that I have any regrets, as the young adults I teach fill my basket of life with overflowing and unconditional love. In fact there are moments of cogitation when I wonder if I must call teaching my profession or my mission.

As I communicate with the youth in the language classes, I must say that they have not been the only ones at the receiving end. I too have helped myself through my learning and sharing and broadened my horizons.

As I vociferate Walt Whitman’s ON JOURNEYS THROUGH THE STATES, I spread the message of love in disturbed societies.

‘On journeys through the States we start,

(Ay, through the world – urged by these songs,

Sailing henceforth to every land – to every sea;)

We, willing learners of all, teachers of all and lovers of all.’

As I communicate this message of harmony and see heads nod in agreement I’m glad I stuck to my decision of sailing in the Oceans of education.

My country India, had once upon a time attained the status of Vishwaguru and today I hope as I stand in a class, my little self can bring back that glory of the past, making my country once again a beacon of knowledge for the world at large.


  1. True ma'am. You have chosen a path preferred by few but you are the best at it. Always been an inspiration.

  2. Mam I'm gald you chose the road less traveled for if you hadn't I would have completly lost all respect for all teachers . sorry for spamming your blog with comments but I can't stop reading .