Tuesday, 11 November 2014


When man wages war on man, he sends across a message of hatred to the universe. The trees, the rivers, the oceans tremble at his wrath.
Man today has isolated himself from the universe, thinking himself to be in power and assuming the flora and the fauna, the planets and the stars insignificant as compared to his power of intellect.
The ancient man however lived differently. It was more of reverence for everything around. The sacred texts talk of an ecological balance and express the need for the environment to be preserved. Man therefore was expected to live with love and care alongside nature and not use it for his benefit like he does today thereby exploiting it.
The five elements known as the Panch Mahabhutas namely the earth, water, fire, air and space are even today worshipped by the God-fearing and the humane who rightly understand their linking association in man and nature.
We therefore are not disconnected from the outside but if we were to abolish the din in the streets of our existence, then we could understand the interconnection of all things in the universe.
When the Creator created man in His image, He first created the beautiful nature for His creation to enjoy.
Nature therefore has a great role to play in the life of man. It has a practical, aesthetic and a spiritual significance. A huge oak tree growing in all its vastness is truly an object of amazing wonder at its insignificant elementary stage of a small seed.
When man in his ignorance sets out to destroy the biodiversity, he hardly realises the harm he does to himself. Just like in his materialism when he forgets the spiritual need of his soul, in his greed he also forgets the need of his brother.
The disharmony with which today’s man lives is greatly therefore responsible for the natural calamities occurring in the world. Every negative thought gets recorded and returns with a harder punch.
Everything in the world created by the Creator must therefore be revered and worshipped as a part of Him.
The earth has suffered immensely from man’s ego. In order to therefore save her, man needs to make some transformation from ego-centeredness to circles of love and from revengefulness to kindness.
Ironically, a part of the world today perhaps due to its hurried accumulation of intellect has overlooked the major need and necessity of non-violence.
The other part of this same world is confused with the term non-violence. The world today must understand that turning vegetarian and vegan is not the remedy. It may be an initial attempt towards the goal but the goal will finally be only reached if the men of this world will understand non-violence as ‘Ahimsa-paramdharmah’ – the most important and primary duty of man towards nature.
This essential awareness will lead man to spread love and not hate. Life is for nurturing and not for destroying. When the modern, educated man will understand that his restrain, his generosity, his patience and his humility will be the four great pillars of his strength, then there will be no poachers or jihadists destroying the edifice of life.


  1. This is a wonderful message. Love has to circulated to evry one to kill the ego and other negative vibes.

  2. Wow...Mam a Lovely Message ...that Love never ends & Love kills Hatred & Violence .

  3. Wow...Mam a Lovely Message ...that Love never ends & Love kills Hatred & Violence .