Saturday, 3 January 2015


The intellect of man appears to have transformed itself into a collecting box. Accumulating information from all sources possible, it is loaded with bags full of use(ful/less) information.  Not much of all the information collected is of utility to mankind and yet he continues to be a gatherer.

On the other side of the domain, is an ocean of compassionate feelings; both towards the roaring tiger in the forest and also the tiniest blade of grass on a pathway.

In the ocean of our life, a ship sails in the calm as well as the turbulent waters. Sometimes the waves appear to be strong and embracing, and at other periods they appear to be giving comfort just by a gentle touch.

This ship is the heart of mankind and with this heart he looks towards the horizon and sees miracles happening every day and everywhere.  The sun rising in the east and setting in the west mesmerizes him.

Shutting his eyes he smiles spellbound at the intellect which has no use in itself surrounded by such magic.

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