Thursday, 22 November 2018


Whenever we would sit facing the waves, she would have a standard dialogue; “I feel like walking into the sea.” Initially I had felt curious on hearing such words. ‘Was she so troubled to kill herself?’, was a primary thought that flashed through my mind; but when those same words would get echoed with smiles and giggles, I realized that she was not suicidal. Thank God for that! Perhaps it was a desire to get soaked in the rush of waves, to be drenched in salt or to be hugged in a smooth embrace. Honestly I never got to the core of the reason and the best part is that she is alive and thriving today.

For me however, it was never a walk into the sea. What fascinated me was standing on the sand and allowing the waves to come and massage my feet. It was an intimate moment with nature. As I stood there, the universe spoke to me secrets of the transient nature of life. Like the waves of the ocean, life too came with great force and then suddenly receded. There was nothing left and then again there was new birth; the cry of living could be heard again. It was so very distinct from the sounds of parting. There was always a sorrowful departure and then a joyful arrival.

As a child on a beach holiday, standing on the wet sand was always exciting. I had to keep moving my feet to prevent them from sinking deeper and deeper into the soft and wet mud underneath. The clapping of hands and the screams of joy came so naturally and energetically. Some waves came big and strong to knock me off my balance and taught me to stand strong, solid and firm.  And when I learnt that, even though the water engulfed me right up to my waist, I continued to stand unmoved.

Troubles too like these waves come to entice us with fear. We scream and shout and often clap our hands to draw attention of everyone around us at our plight. If though, in that performance we forget to stand firm, we get knocked off real hard. But then the waves do recede and we get another opportunity. Isn’t that wonderful?
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