Thursday, 31 May 2018


 “I have come into the world to give sight to those who are spiritually blind and to show those who think they see that they are blind.” John 9: 39

Frequently we come across people who are annoyed with situations around them. They scream angry at various moments. “I loath to see such horrifying traffic jams.” “I simply can’t understand why these people can’t use public transport and make our lives easy on the movement.” “Look at our streets! There is so much litter everywhere. Haven’t these people any civic sense?’ ‘The monsoons are beautiful but our government transforms them into disappointment making us panic even at the first showers which cause water logging. I dread floods! God save me!’ ‘This government is useless. There is no end to dishonesty in it.’

Such ranting goes on endlessly. These are the able people who throw all responsibility for correction to others. They are blind to the ‘My Step Contribution’ method. Their eyes, have as if got conditioned to observe confusion, and their hearts have no courage to change situations. They continue to grovel in the muck of disgust but won’t dare to get up and clean even a little bit of it themselves.

In contrast, there are some others who are not as able as those angry long legged birds. I remember meeting a young blind girl who always seemed to wear a smile on her face. It was strange to see this consistency of pleasure being expressed in the midst of grumpy faces; and so I one day went up to her and asked whether like the others, she too hated something. 

Her smile widened at first and then suddenly it vanished giving her a sad look and she said, “I hate my eyes. I hate that they can’t see the raindrops falling on the ground every monsoon. I hate that I can’t see the wind kissing the branches of the trees. I hate that I can’t see the branches shying away at the touch of the wind. I sense that I’m missing out on the original romantic film running daily shows in this world. I hate that I can’t see people loving their pets and cuddling up to their children.”

Her hate speech brought an awakening in me and a sudden thought flashed across my mind. Her spiritual eyes were so bright and throbbing with vision to appreciate her creator’s creation as compared to the others who had in their guilt of their surroundings gone internally blind and failed to appreciate beauty all around them.

“If you were blind, you wouldn’t be guilty,” Jesus replied. “But your guilt remains because you claim to know what you are doing.” John 9:41

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  1. Very nicely school we had a moral science story about the boy who complained about no shoes....till he met the boy with no legs .... happiness is a state of mind one can have regardless of circumstances.

  2. Its a matter of emotional maturity to not just deflect inward and outward what mind perceives wrongly as fact there is always some happiness to be perceived in any situation howsoever unacceptable it may be. Its a matter of accepting, picking the happiness and not the pain out of the situation and then reflect the same inward and then outward.
    Its a matter of reaction

  3. Such beauty yet simplicity in these words! I truly admire that through same eyes, you see different view! Such a deep and meaningful blog! keep writing ! :)

  4. As always Ruby, simple yet profound truths worth reflecting on...
    Thank you so much for sharing.

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