Saturday, 9 June 2018


Sometimes in life we come across thick problematic situations leaving us with no choice to a solution but just the delete option. To make it more plain I’ll reflect on an amusing piece. ‘A teacher wrote down a complicate problem for the class to solve.  It read: 36x +yx, 2/3yx + 3x (66y +12x/.b = 0.  He then asked them to find the solution. One smart fellow picked up the duster and simply cleaned the board and declared the problem solved. This may appear jocular but believe me it’s the only option left at times in real time.

Coming back to reality, what happens when someone out of the blue comes at us with daggers for no fault of ours? How do we react? Do we get defensive, explanatory or get stabbed? Sometimes people can come at us with a sword, a gun, a pistol and a dagger because they have been unhappy even before we entered their zone. Damn it! It could be a first time interaction and yet there could be venom spilling out of a hissing tongue into our ears.

Let me first brief you with the ‘floating emotions’ concept in psychology. If one were to shred a book into bits and then throw all of it out of the window, the bits of paper would fly out in all directions and settle down on anything that came in their way. Similarly, an angry human torn apart by various moments of triggered anger may come at anyone to settle on with his load of grief. You could then become a victim of such an infuriated bloke whose angry emotions could be floating out from his eyes, nose and mouth. To try to put sense in such aggressive behaviour would be senseless. If we want approval and admiration from such an ......., then we certainly would be looking in a wrong direction. The individual is so very caught up in his own fretfulness that he is really not looking out for a solution but only a venting. If we then don’t let this outpouring empty itself, it will drown us in its force of evacuation. So the next best thing to do is not to fret over something we have no control over. It’s best to allow such individuals to enjoy their anger alone and move out.

I recently experienced a similar plight of a man caught in the tight grip of the spirit of destructive anger raging out of his grief of denial to get a good bargain as per his view point. I moved away a safe distance to protect myself from such a clawing personality. However, I probably was subconsciously affected by his harsh words and angry face.

Later that night, a strange thing happened. I had a dream which was very weird and strange. In my dream, I was sitting at a computer and though I hadn’t fed anything into it, the printer was dishing out paper after printed paper into my face. I just couldn’t understand what was happening and felt helpless with the waste falling onto my workplace when suddenly I heard a voice loud and clear, telling me to take it all and throw it away because it didn’t belong to me.

I suddenly woke up realizing how one man’s anger could bring in tons of waste into our life; but remembering the dream I decided to throw it all away because it didn’t belong to me. I had no reason to collect it, file it or save it.

The voice saved me from getting drenched in the stormy rain of misdirected annoyance and soaked me instead in the shower of grace.

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  1. Very nice message mam!!!! Really need to throw away everything that does not belong to us!!!!

  2. Great messege; but sometimes it seems difficult to control our own anger.we should learn it through introspection that is possible through meditation .vipassana ..!!

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  4. For every minute we remain angry we waste 60 seconds of peace from our lyf . Anger is not quite appreciated but control is more important , amazing article