Tuesday, 21 February 2017


Underprivileged Indian children attend an outdoor school, under a bridge in New Delhi.

With the exam season having begun once again, some of us have decidedly laboured day and night; and some instead, in fear of results, have recoiled in submission to failure even before the tests could commence. Some of us may be wondering if it is indeed too late to bring about a change. And some of us may be striving every minute for a transformation. Success though, is never waiting to be achieved in the form of a result. It’s already present in the decision making power and the will to succeed; and simply shows high denominations on the report card later. Surely nothing is impossible if we only decide to not give up! Did anybody ever misguide us, telling us that the goal was a plateau? Of course not! The goal is a Himalayan peak which requires skill, hard work and planning to scale. Every negative thought on this climb will be a land slide crashing us down; but every positive approach will accelerate the escalating journey.
I’m sure we began with a dream. That very inception of the dream in our minds had to create life in real. We must not though forget, that our dream needs the warmth and the security of the womb of faith; a belief that it will soon grow big and take birth; that it will be the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to us. However, if we give up due to the longevity of the growth period and get fed up of the troubles involved during those days, then we will abort it. Only our determination to hold on to our imagined dream in our hands will allow us to cradle it someday soon. The world itself is a reality of a dream, which rests on belief.
If we want therefore a masterpiece stroke on the design of our life, we will have to use the colour brushes of confidence, hard work and sincerity.
The canvas is always waiting to be painted. Either we create a riot of colours on it, or we let lethargy leave it blank. And of course, the choice is always ours.

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