Thursday, 31 March 2016

“Nor shall you mate with any animal, to defile yourself with it. Nor shall any woman stand before an animal to mate with it. It is perversion.”Lev 18:23

Dear reader,

I write many a times when some happening disturbs me. Even to get disturbed is a choice I make to get uncomfortable and distanced from the tranquility of my thoughts. This piece of my writing may not be appreciated by you if you are a supporter of licentious behaviour patterns. My request to you then is please do not read this peace because my intention here is not to hurt your sentiments or consider myself higher or superior to others but only a feeling of worry for the future of humanity.
Our modern age today is an age of intellectual revolution. In every field of life there can be observed a vast stock of intelligent power of mankind operating in all its broadness. And of course, why should there be any limitations when the sky is literally the limit! Millions are spent today in care of the brain but sometimes I wonder if our halls of learning are camouflaged Towers of Babel. Some of our learned scientists are even probably planning permanent residences on other planets to reduce the load on the earth but what is striking is that where on one side there are a few who can scale the heights of intelligence, some minds dive deep into the depths of perversion using the same capacity of human thoughts to stoop to the lowest of levels.
So much of our attention we give to our outer health! Everywhere we see spas, health resorts and their likes mushrooming. Everything we eat today has a label of its nutritive value to it and we are expected to read it before use. Sadly though, in this super focus on the outside, we have neglected our inner self which like an ignored child in rebellion has indulged in self abuse of licentious living and without any hesitation has often held hands with incorrect guidance of popular fads and surged into pornography and homosexuality to explore the unexplored. The sadder part though is that the intelligent man accepts all these curves of life as absolutely normal and sometimes even necessary to have a rounded personality and goes on to even advocate them. This knowledgeable man with the help of his hummingbird brain considers himself to be unfastened from the old ways of thinking and with embracing arms sometimes even cuddles disguised satanic ideations. But mind well, he has logic to justify his acceptance. Also do not forget that time and again we do find people blowing up their own as well as multiple gifts of lives in destructive explosions to spread fear in a world which wants to live in peace and they too have logical reasoning for their actions.
It was heart breaking to read in the news about a young woman from South Carolina, Hanna Marie Haynes, just 22 years old, who was accused of filming herself having sex with a dog.

I wonder if she in the recesses of her heart expected applause from her friend to whom she had sent a video of this horrifying act of hers and who was probably so totally shattered that she promptly contacted the police. I also wonder now, if the animal rights people would stand up with a case against the likes of Hanna and fight for the dogs and probably even other pets that may be in the confines of apparently dignified homes being enslaved to sexual abuse.
Suddenly a wicked thought comes to my sarcastic mind. Would all the men caught in the bodies of women and all the women caught in the bodies of men understand that they now have a new genre and also welcome it? For after all, love is a tune that different hearts play differently. A large number sing out their expressions and feelings to a member of the opposite sex, some to members of the same sex and now some probably, the more encompassing kinds are singing out to the four legged creatures too. Wow! We could now also claim that there are animals caught in human bodies; and we had better be understanding and openly accepting such a deviation too, if we want to be in the circle of the very ‘happening’ things around. After all, we have to be broad minded and it’s only a matter of acceptance.
Making attempts to understand such preferential differences, I conclude that the perspective of an individual is largely based on his or her environment. Such as I may have always woken up early in the mornings as a habit and may find day sleeping as wastrel. However the day sleeper may have his or her logic but yet will have to agree with the old adage which says, ‘Early to bed and early to rise makes one healthy, wealthy and wise’. The differences therefore are basically ones in opinions and that should be absolutely fine. To resist, reject or accept an opinion which leads further to the acceptance of the action is a matter of choice and the choice at the end of the day will make all the difference. But mind well, a large scale acceptance of a pattern of lifestyle will not necessarily make it a healthy lifestyle. Some of you may need another example for clarity of my thoughts. Well, research today has found toddlers being fed junk food. An intelligent mind will certainly find this as an unhealthy practice but a large number of weak minds may succumb to the pressures of unethical advertisements of toddler foods and accept this poison for their children. The judgement is after all yours!
Today, our intelligent man is talking about building a world society and instead is breaking it into pieces with his vulnerability and weakness of spirit which has become gutless and scared of opposing an unhealthy pattern of lifestyle. When today the Hindi film director Karan Johar, in his film ‘Kapoor and Sons’ makes one of his characters say, ‘I am different and please accept me’, he forgets that a statement like this makes God fallible by His placement understanding all gone wrong. Goodness! He errors by putting wrong packets in wrong containers.
Today such perversions have reached multiple times more than the time of Sodom, a place mentioned in the Bible which is believed to have existed thousands of years ago and which got wiped off and was brought down to dust with the sin of illicit behaviour and unnatural sexual practices. Ironically nonexistence of Sodom today has not been able to scrap off sodomy.
It is terrible that such aberrant practices today are expanding their strength and scope in various areas deviating from the path of modesty in the by lanes of immoral behaviour, acting to seek cheap exhibitionism and excitement such as Vietnam’s Bikini Airlines going ahead with its staff wearing ridiculously sexy outfits.

What one needs to remember here is that any supply in the market does not actually change the mind of the consumer; in fact in its essence, all it does is giving to the majority buyers, what they secretly desire. However we will always find some who will never be gullible to such cheap skills of marketing.
Yes, the fall takes place one step at a time on the ladder of ignorance.  Or could I say that the target to cater to, is the ignoramuses who deserve to be fed crap as in any case they lap it all up without any questioning of the level of acceptance or rejection. We have gradually moved downwards step by step from homosexualism to lesbianism to zoophilism making a tower of a ladder to reach a belief system claiming the God of the believers as a partial one and agreeing to deny His human favouritism and instead celebrating ourselves as Atheists to enjoy the festivity of the All Fool’s Day.
‘The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.’ Psalm 14:1
Now, even if after my initial warning you did continue to read the above piece, then you may have found me to be having a very archaic mind but in my defence I would like to say that I don’t think that modernity can be synonymous with perversions. You may also stand your ground and point out to me instances in the early centuries, of similar behaviour patterns, but according to me if our great grandparents did something obnoxious then their age must not be considered reason enough to pardon them and their behaviour need not necessarily be emulated. Thus making use of our intelligence we can surely make a difference.
I have dared to speak my mind and urge you to speak yours too. Often the number of contrary thinkers far exceeds the standardized ones, but that cannot make wrong what is correct in its small and hidden majority. I am sure that there are a prominently large group of opinionated people out there in the world, who like me, belong to the littleness of this group but are scared of opening up with their views, in fear of the big numbers of the wayward minds. But then to save the world from being scattered into thoughts of futility of existence, someone has to dare and speak.


  1. Agree but the world's moving at a pace where a minority thoughtful creatures are left far behind!

  2. Agree with you ...Ruby mam.. good you writing on different different topics making us to think..good job keep it up..

  3. Agree with you ...Ruby mam.. good you writing on different different topics making us to think..good job keep it up..

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  5. Mam,you are right in saying modernity can not be synonymous with perversion. Today's modern world has made the modern man to look only for material comfort and not spiritual.I am also agree with the view millions of money are spent on brain development but not on emotional intellectual,because of what innerself is neglected.
    The topic is very different and presented openly-daringly which I feel is the need of today.It make us think at what extent modern man can go.At the end we can say it is the environment which moulds the character of person.
    Your worry about future is very true n,no one knows what will happen in futter, how our supreme modern man will lead humanity.