Friday, 5 July 2013

Life is tough!

Life is tough!  It sucks out the nectar of joy from within us in its trials and tribulations. There is so much to do and so little time, we often complain. Perhaps that’s right; but then it is right only for the ordinary, as the extraordinary work hard to add a little more time to their already packed schedule.  A small break from their routine, they utilize for that joy of great work. It is the will over matter where less time does not matter.
We indeed need that terrible stubborn focus to get what we want. Like the farmer in a story says; “My father ditched this bog all his days and never made a pasture. I’ve dug it all my days and I’ve never made a pasture. But pasture or no pasture, I canna help but dig. For my father knew and I know that if you only dig enough a pasture can be made here.”

Today man needs grace of perseverance to change the world. He needs to go on and on giving love in return for hate. He needs to go on and on forgiving himself for getting hurt due to his pride. He needs to go on and on telling the greedy that little is enough. Perhaps these are the dark ages where less or no light is allowed to filter in but man needs to go on and on opening windows of hope in times of despair and havoc. He has been negligent enough to be blamed and yet he has to move on correcting himself till one day his children will see him victorious.

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