Saturday, 2 November 2013

A celebration of life

It’s diwali again . A time for celebration. The historical celebration of relationships as the family of Lord Rama prepares for his home coming after having roamed the forests for 14 years.
In this technological world many Ramas and Sitas too have lost the way to their homes in the wires of the tech world.
It is at this time when parents lost in their marathon run to monetary gains return home all attention to their kids that the diwali is celebrated. It is at this time when couples move out of each others  arms to feel love in their hearts that the diwali is celebrated. It is at this time when children leave aside their fun and frolic to pay attention to their aging parents that the diwali is celebrated. These are the real wealth, the dhan and the laxmi which otherwise are celebrated with a lot of noise of polluting crackers on the dhantrodashi and laxmi pujan days.
It’s time the educated world with all its bookish wisdom of global warming moves away from its smoky and noisy celebrations into the silent worship of the spirit of the real wealth of love, understanding and care. 
Nature gave me a chance to celebrate this wealth of love, understanding and care by sending a mother pigeon to my window. Any other day I would have shooed it away but this season, some better understanding took of me to let her be. She gave three eggs in the cozy and safe environment of the window which she artistically transformed into a manger by bringing twigs and other her kind of building materials for a home she was aspiring to build for her new borns.

This was truly a celebration of life full of love sans noise. Whoever said that ‘life was full of sound and fury signifying nothing’ was wrong as this moment signified that life was full of love and care in silence.

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