Thursday, 6 June 2013


Birthdays are a time of great celebration. Gifts of course are an attraction and in fact this year I was given the best one I could have ever asked for; an accident. An accident which could have made me a cripple, breaking my bones, tearing my ligaments and getting me restrained to a bed with a lot of pain and inconvenience.
Fortunately I escaped all the above and landed myself with only a ligament sprain, painful but manageable.
I call it a gift as it opened up a world of understanding of mercy to me. ‘It could have been worse’ brought a smile of the great escape. There is an infinite consciousness working to protect against chance, accidents and co-incidents was the knowledge I gained and returned it with a thanksgiving.

I now realize that when some in a crowd shout the in existence of a super power the majority calls ‘God’ and say that He is nowhere, I would like Vivekananda remind them of a small lapse in the world ‘nowhere’ and correct it with a ‘now/here’.

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