Monday, 12 October 2015


 What would God care for man’s perfections or imperfections? Surely He has better tasks to focus His attention on. In the story of creation, God said, “It is not good for men to live alone. I will make a suitable companion to help him.” And so man got the joys of nature all round him and yet remained unsatisfied and lonely; and then there was the creation of Eve. (Perhaps it’s for this long past necessity, that many Adams till date consider Eve’s purpose as only to satisfy their need for companionship.)

The Sunday religion versus the soiled everyday lustful worship of a common man is a sharp contrast of distance and mingling with the Supreme Creative Force. The Shiva-Shakti unison, is the symbolic presentation of the oneness of the Creator with His Creation, every moment and in every action. Bathing, washing of hands, wearing particular garments and bending in obeisance, are after all only exterior motions, attempting to reach the Still Supreme. Great masters have not exactly abnegated the fun of the world on the journey of enlightenment; in fact they have understood the blending in the performance of the duties of the body and that of the soul. The world is too powerful an existence to completely brush aside for mankind. He may not be able to walk on water but he has the capacity and the strength in the flow of the liquid to dive and swim his journey.

The Sunday religion then, would keep God as a kite flying high in the air, whose string got detached from man’s fingers, but on the other hand, every moment could become a thread of connection; the lowest, the grossest and the noblest times could not exist without the presence of God; since He is the creator in all and of all. In his omnipresence and omniscience, He could not waste His omnipotence on molehill matters, assumed mighty, by the miniscule man.

Every moment then, could be the perfect one of remembrance as against a one day respectably dressed worship of Puritanism.
The lower self in its day to day copulation with the lusts of life will gradually climb the scale of oneness.
I may live in a palace built on top of a hill, but can I ignore the existence of the beautiful green farms at the foot of those hills? Wouldn’t I be a fool then, to believe that my hill top existence would keep me to God and make me reach Him faster?

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  1. beautiful thoughts.
    "when one seeks the divine, one finds his true being"