Wednesday, 28 October 2015


Death is perhaps just a curtain one draws on the journey of life. It is perhaps when the brightness of the sun becomes the terrible scorching heat, that it makes one long to shut one’s eyes.

Life never ends though; it cannot, because it is eternal. The new leaves sprouting out from apparent nothingness are proof of its eternity.

As I walked past him every day, he stood humbled on the side. His presence purified the air all around him. He was simply being himself – giving and sharing. He gave to all who came his way. Everybody profited greatly from him. He was modest to the core; never did he seek great deification; however, one dark night the breeze being too strong for his frail self, brought him down with a thud.

The next day I went and touched him gently and softly murmured a thank-you. I had benefited greatly from this gigantic Neem Tree in the garden. Often had I sat under its shade, breathing unpolluted air. Resting my back to his thick and strong bark, I had often fed myself with an incentive spoon of thoughts.

Sometimes I had cogitated on the strength of a soul to survive the breathless state of existence; a possibility bereft of all Id, Ego and Superego, and left only with the selflessness of the soul. The ISNESS of being could become a great transforming influence.  To quote the former president of India, Dr. Abdul Kalam, “Religion could be transformed into a mighty spiritual force”. 

The force of religion could be compared to getting soaked in the waters of a bucket, but the force of the spiritual, could be like being tossed deep in the ocean, on the bed of its waves.

Thank you Dr. Kalam, for your wonderful insight and thank-you Mr. Neem, for letting me be an audience to your dance of eternity in the currents of life.