Sunday, 2 December 2018


I was at a very quiet and peaceful coffee shop sipping the hot beverage and taking in the fragrance of the crushed beans. In the background, soft beautiful songs could be heard and they certainly enhanced the beauty of the environment. The song which got my thoughts rolling was not one of the kind one gets to hear at a coffee shop but strangely here it was being played; and as my ears took in the words my mind began to think. The song was ‘God’s Love,’ the one which is mostly sung as a nursery rhyme for children. As I looked around, I could see people present smiling; perhaps because each of us was transported to a classroom of the past and childhood memories have a carefree breeze around them. The words were as follows, ‘God’s love is so wonderful. So high, you can’t go over it. So deep, you can’t go under it. So wide, you can’t go around it. God’s love is so wonderful.’ With every sip of the hot beverage I took, I couldn’t but help wonder that if this love of God was so very wonderful, why was God’s earth in trouble of perishing. Why was there suffering and pain for some, while others had their cups filled with fun? And then suddenly an answer came hitting me hard in my ears.   
Love demands freedom. Be it any relationship, if it is on the basis of love then it desires freedom. Even a married couple needs their own personal time of freedom to enjoy. Similarly God or the Unknown Power or the Force behind creation allows us to defy, discard or rebel against what is right or correct in the original sense. It’s not the ‘Go to hell’ kind of approach, but one which allows us to ‘Choose our own hell, if we so want it.’
Sounds strange because it makes us wonder how anyone could ever choose a different way from that of goodness, happiness and harmony. However strange it may sound, the thing is that people do love hell and prefer to live in it on a day to day basis. Every time we use words of bitterness, anger and hate, every time we ridicule someone, we know that we are doing the wrong thing but we still continue to do it and live in the vibes of negativity. It’s a personal hell which we make, enjoy it for a little while and then crib about it later. It’s an addiction which seems fun momentarily and then has lasting painful effects.

Religions offer us a capsule remedy for getting to heaven or hell; the capsule being rituals. But rituals can't efface hatred and war; it's only kindness, love and peace which could help and make a heaven right where we are. 

According to the song, God's love is infinite, but it gives man ultimate freedom to make his own heaven or choose his own hell. He is a loving father who always gives his children all they wish for. He warns and informs about the negatives but if the child so insists, then the father perhaps cries at the wrong preference; but never takes away the power to choose. There is no might or manipulation in love. It always has room for decision making. We always get what we want.
Picture Credits: Google