Sunday, 18 September 2016


War is certainly a cowardly escape for those who can’t face the problems of peace. And these certainly are the unintelligent, who have failed as thinking animals.
The adage ‘If we want peace, we must prepare for war’, which literally meant that if a country was well armed, then its opponents wouldn’t dare to attack it; has perhaps today ironically been misunderstood by the new world which has  been building itself up on the ideology of hate.
It’s like when a thin man who has often been mocked by friends about his limp self, decides to go to the gym and works to build muscles. When he finally begins to look somewhat similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger, he feels he has to test his muscles and then the story continues of the uncontrolled hulk and the temptations to showcase his muscle power.
The story of our world is similar; the preparation of war has led to an ideology of aversions and repugnance.  The promise of peace today is easily betrayed. Man cunningly speaks smooth words but hides daggers in his heart. “His words were oily smooth, but in his heart was war.” Psalm 55:21   
Everywhere around there is cruelty and hatred in the name of belief systems. Rousseau when he said that ‘Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains’, was so correct to understand that technology one day would chain man with the ignorance of empathy due to the unawareness of his purpose on earth and that he would inevitably exploit humanity in spite of being human himself.
I consider myself lucky that many years ago I had the privilege of seeing the beauty of Kashmir in all its glory of elegance and peaceful nature unlike the tourists of today.  There was a time when tourists from all over the world came to this exotic place to see the heavens in all their glory come down to earth. It was like rivers of love flowing through the mountains. The scenes were picture perfect.

The shikaras then carried flowers in full bloom. As a tourist then, I was lucky to have had an opportunity to sit amidst the fragrance of colours and experience a communication with nature.

However, today this beautiful state in India is going blind in hatred!

The fourteen year old, Insha Mushtaq being hit in her skull, forehead and eyes by over 300 pellets and the dead remains of a class VII student, Nasir Shafi Qazi, have become a regular scenario in the once upon a time beautiful valley of flowers. The children in Kashmir no more climb trees to pick apples but to either view terror or escape it. The new face of this heaven on earth is indeed horrifying. Life there is on a regular basis getting transformed into an existence of hell. Innocence over there is every day facing the outrage of human degeneration. In a Kashmir full of protests, the youth are not to be found in schools using the power of the pen to express themselves but they run wild on the streets; with stones in their hands.

 And yet I thank God that there are poets in this place who are continuing to write with bleeding hands, hoping that the colour of their blood will draw the attention of the world to this heaven’s misery.

As I watch and hear of the destruction of this heaven on earth, I hear a whisper telling me that how ironical it is that man today gets so agitated for the ill-treatment towards the planet, that he holds placards which say, ‘Say our Planet’, not understanding that this planet gifted to him, has an innately great capacity to outlive his stupidity, whereas he himself is more likely to fail the strength of survival. What he needs to be afraid of really is the death of mankind. It’s time he focuses his attention to save himself. His negligence towards his habitat will someday soon hit him revengefully hard; and his inhumanity towards his kind will eventually endanger his own existence making him probably into an extinct species.
We need in this moment of emergency to stop focusing on the planet and look towards the fatal route man has chosen to end his own life. In fact if tomorrow man becomes extinct, the planet will survive beautifully without any threat. There will be more greenery around and more raw life everywhere till the wishes of the poets from the war shattered zones on this planet will come true. Then man will wake up from the dream of destruction into a world where there will be no darkness but only dazzling lights of love and peace.

Before man drew lines on the mud to divide it into yours and mine and before his skills of commerce and trade brain washed him to take pride in his military skills, this planet was a place that reflected a unity in nature. In the making of maps however, man drew lines and erased the sketches of love which could have made this world into an art museum. 
When Insha attempted to look at the clash between the locals and the army from her first floor window, she had to face the consequences of losing her sight. This tragedy has a lesson for Us and Them, which should teach everyone, at least now, to look up at the blue skies and pray for the blood drenched red earth below.
Probably a time has come when we must cease to seek individual or national freedom and instead make place for world freedom from the cruelty and inhuman behaviour of this new savage man. It is the ignorance of man which makes him believe that if he wages war on earth he will get peace in heaven. He forgets that this very earth was made to be beautiful and peaceful by a God who made man in His image to enjoy His creation. The Satanic entry into the holiness of man has ruined his relationship with his creator and the universe; and has corrupted his wisdom which should have been otherwise used to maintain peace. Every one of us today, needs to strive to not let the innocents of the world die before they are dead.

Today man is battling an unholy war on every creation of the Superior and he needs to beware of repercussions of his acts of perversion.  Revenge will only make the world blind and crippled. If he has eyes left to see, he must read the messages from above found in the rubbles of destruction.

“Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth: But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.” Matthew 5:38-39

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