Sunday, 6 March 2016



Dear Woman,
Change is inevitable in life. There was a time when you wore short dresses and then came the maxis. There was a time when you wore bell-bottoms and then those flapping unders got transformed into pencil pants. There was a time when you loved those curls on your head and then you went and changed them to a sleek straight look. There was a time, a hundred years back when you fought for your rights and then today you believe that you are always right.
Of course you have changed from that little girl with sparkle in her eyes to a beautiful woman who now speaks with the wisdom of experience.
I warn you though, that the world does not want you to change and that too, so rapidly. It envies you. It is scared of you. You will always find people who say they love you and out of their concern and care, will tie strings to the wings of your dreams and happily run a puppet show with you playing different characters in their performance.
Be strong now woman! Dare to cut those strings of possessive love and dominating care and free yourself to do what you love to.
Even a simple thought for the desire of freedom will bring a transformation in your attitude to life. But mind well, your thoughts need to be protected with knowledge laboured for in wisdom. Those new vibrations of the wise will disturb the balance of archaic ignorance.
This power of wisdom will drench you in the richness of your soul, abnegating all the mental poverty stuffed into your womanhood since ages.
Oh woman! Take care of your inner worth. The fashionable clothes you wear will wear out someday. The appetizing treat you arrange on your plate will soon turn into crap, but what you will save within post your transformation, will prevail.
Don’t let anybody trick you into believing less in yourself. You are now unique, smart, beautiful, precious, powerful and responsible enough to recognize your inner worth. Cherish it, love it and enjoy it. Allow the world to see the hidden pearl in you and let them know that you are the most stunning creation of God.

Now you must expand and help all your friends achieve what you have with your dauntless steps. Become the ‘Durgatinashini’- the one who eliminates sufferings and stands in an ‘Abhay Mudra’ on a lion and assures everyone of freedom from fear.
The creators of this image had understood your inherent power and captured it in clay, to magnify your strength.

The resplendent face in the midst of matted jet black tresses has to definitely be a symbol of your inner beauty in spite of the darkest of difficulties that enshroud you and the splendiferous look of control in spite of the most entangled circumstances you face.
The almond shaped eyes have to be a symbol of the strength of your assurance to all who come near you when you share the vitamins of confidence to soothe their fluttering in moments of despair.
The most noticeable, the multiple hands depict your unfailing capacity of multi-tasking.
So woman, when your one hand fails to accomplish a task, don’t grieve; use another one. Remove the hijab of shyness; stop pretending to be strong all the time. You have no need to prove your dynamism to the world that believes it belongs to weak men. Cry if you have to and laugh you must. You have molded yourself to every situation only because you are unbreakable.

Your worth needs to be celebrated everyday!
Yours truly,

A woman.


  1. Woman’s guess is much more accurate than a man’s certainty

  2. Woman’s guess is much more accurate than a man’s certainty

  3. A very nice message to all women.... I especially liked one sentence lots which say cry if you have to and laugh you must..... it is much needed rather than just portraying yourself as an epitome of strength always!!!!

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  5. Very nice ... and very true... happy woman's day ..Ruby mam..

  6. Very nicely quoted.... happy women's day

  7. Women are more powerful than men have the courage to face all the toughest challenges

  8. True tribute to all Women of the world by a Woman.
    Happy Women's day.