Tuesday, 23 February 2016

                                                   SEARCHING FOR A DIAMOND

It was another beginning of another regular day which started with a nice warm bath for me. The loufah scrub normally used to enrich the process of a shower with its soapy white foam, and help rub off the dead skin cells washing away all fatigue, happened to teach me a lesson.

Taking a hurried bath one morning, I rubbed the loofah on to my face too, and to my horror, in a moment, it pulled out my expensive diamond nose stud in its fibrous surface.

With my eyes filled with soap, I frantically began feeling the newly turned precious scrub, with my fingers to check out if the stud had got entangled in it and get a feeling of the precious diamond. 

However, I realized that the water in the bucket which was beginning to overflow would probably wash away the stone of great value, if by any chance it had happened to fall of the scrub. 

Instantly, I first shut the tap, then gently rubbed away the soap from my eyes and calmly searched the texture of the scrub and eureka! I found the jewel entangled in it.

A whisper, with a soft voice then told me that if I had a goal in my life, and that if I had to search for something definite to do, I had to first clear my eyes of the lather of worldly distractions to see it better; I had to also calm my restlessness and gradually move towards my goal one step at a time; and most important of all, I had to stop the tap of a dozen happening things in my life which flooded it with waters of different desires and probably if I didn't shut it off, it would even successfully flush off my aim altogether.

I learnt that I needed to be composed, focused and purpose driven to find the diamond.


  1. Very nice... Ruby mam ..everyone should remember this....Santosh parab

  2. Very nice... Ruby mam ..everyone should remember this....Santosh parab