Thursday, 1 October 2015


We have gathered here to grieve an error which took the life of an innocent. If only we had known earlier that to wash our sins we had to change ourselves, we would not have let your blood flow in waste. I understand now, that your personal casualty was not really needed and that your life was lost in waste.

In all our humanness, we failed to show humanity to your beastly self. By putting you on the sacrificial altar, we now sadly realise that we could have done without immolating you.

However, next time, we will not forget this, our confusion, which led us to stain our conscience with your blood.

We will instead kill our ego, our lusts, our carousing, our drunkenness, our greed, our anxieties, our worries, our cares and our pride on the altar of prayers.

We hope you will forgive us our sins. After all, we are human and ‘to err is human’.

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