Monday, 3 August 2015


The weight-loss, fitness and beauty industry have certainly come a long way.
The mountains which everybody seems to be busy climbing today are not the tough treks bruising limbs, but of fair skins which need of course be blemish free along with toned and muscled limbs which could cause stress to desiring hearts bruised with the not originally required needs of the outward body.

The industry of such external beauty is of course in the present times a wise investment; at least we are made to believe so.  Anybody and everybody who either wants to earn gold or an appreciative glance seem to be either a part of creating such awareness or choosing to become a part of its application.

The ‘Fair and Lovely’ cream has most certainly been very unfair towards the different shades of skins; all at once longing for a polish and a glow, never mind it being all only superficial painting.
Colour and beauty today have sadly become the stepping stones to success.

If only someone could introduce us to a whitening cream which would help sparkle our darkened and gloomy souls appearing ash coloured because of their original beauty being hidden, then we would not have to waste our hard earned money in the search of happiness which of course by its very characteristic would never let go off its fluctuating syndrome depending on the happenings around.
Some lives have today become dark rooms with curtains of embarrassment drawn close due to handicaps or a different shade of skin. Such partitions keeping away the sparkling light of knowledge must be drawn open with courage to accept the outward flaw, drawing strength from  inner beauty.
Mountaineering then, could become a metaphor in every life which needs to climb up the path of rejection to the peak of self acceptance.

The external world seeks to command respect by enhancing the sales of artificial products which are rushed towards by the foolish.

It’s time we set a mark of moral dignity.  The Lord has given us an ideal of self-advancement, not an impulsive celebration of outward perfection.

In fact obsessions with outward imperfections could be like the offshoots of a mighty tree of troubling desires which we need as a citizen of the world to be aware of.

Could it be that female foeticide is also an impulsive act of hating a dark skinned child?
With the whitening creams then, are we white-washing our threateningly dark complexions, or is it  all simply an eye-wash?

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