Monday, 27 July 2015


I have made it a ritual for myself to walk every morning.  The walk does me great benefit.  It keeps me fit and active and also takes me close to nature.

In fact, the path I walk on is surrounded by greens. I have realized that if I keep myself devoid of utility thoughts regarding my days activities and planning, nature surrounding me, literally gives me an emotional caress.  As I brush my shoulders with the hanging branches I recognise how they give me way to move on.

Sometimes with the rustling of the wind, the leaves from the trees shower their watery blessings on top of my head.  And I must say that it feels good. At times I’m literally driven to touch the bark of a tree wanting to speak to it in the hope that it will listen to my yearnings in its silence; unlike the humans who are mostly deaf to the murmurings of one’s heart.

Nature, I have come to recognise is extremely attentive to man’s needs and has a typical characteristic of accommodating and sharing.  I’m sure the plants in their quietness understand the need of us humans as they large heartedly keep supplying oxygen to us.
Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them.
-Roman 1:19

In contrast, I observe the inattentive that walk along the same path as I and in their self obsessed chatting togetherness, walk like uncaring human walls prohibiting my need to pass through. So I simply wait like a lamp post at the side to let the walking dead move on.

For what else can I say of someone who remains unaware and insensitive of the need of another?

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