Sunday, 26 July 2015


A seed of thought when planted in the soil of the heart will grow with the manure of a loving mind in a gigantic tree of flowering relations.
Just as one seed would give birth to many branches so also just one thought would weave a connection of thoughts good or bad depending on the first thoughtful idea.
Just a thought of love, compassion, praise, care or understanding would enrich the receiver of the thought who would send back another in return with an even greater understanding and this relationship would bond feeding on such continuous and tremendous supply of goodwill.
On the other hand, just a thought of anger, frustration, bitterness, ridicule, carelessness or misunderstanding would deplete the receiver who would in turn reciprocate even more negatively; feeding the hatred with juices of malice to build a fortress of ill-will one would never be able to escape.
Now all that is needed is a thought leading towards the better option.

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