Sunday, 26 July 2015


A necklace of eventful pearls in life would no doubt need a thread of purpose to hold them together.
Without a purpose, the events of life would only bring a sense of futility in spite of all the collected glories.  The thread running through the events therefore must be taken care of and made with love and sacrifice. Selfless living would be then the only way to understand the self.

Contrary to this, the modern world says, ‘It’s good to be selfish’ and moves on with great speed collecting laurels on its journey. It’s precisely because of this dictum that even the best at the end of the day experience a dreary gloom.

       “His heart became appalled as he gazed forward into the waste darkness of futility.”
                                                         -Sir W.Scott

Without the string of the ‘just giving’ purpose of existence, the pearls of gathered trophies would remain scattered and desolate of joy.

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