Monday, 29 September 2014


When there is music in the air, there are dancing feet on the earth.

The ‘Navaratri’, the nine nights of worship through song and dance are a typical Indian need of cheer in life. The fun and frolic of this festival season comes to express the essential need of the individualized Atmas (souls) to immerse in the ‘Paramatma’ (a prior soul).

The colourful  ghagras and the stringed cholis are just the physical symbols of bright unity of the soul with its creator.

Where one side of the world rises from the idea of the original sin to a state of purity, the other side lives and breathes the concept of ‘Ananda’(joy). Here, worship is widespread. The Super Soul in every form on land, water and air; be it the rushing river hastening to meet the calm sea or the rocky mountains rising every inch to kiss the sky or the clouds coming close in intimate proximity, are worshiped.

Ma Durga, a united force of the Creator, the Sustainer and the Dissolver is a metaphorical strength of the Super Soul to destroy evil.

At a time when the world needs peace to save its existence, the musical festival of Dusshera celebrates the victory of good over evil.

What a beautiful way of uniting with the Creator; not through any guilt or suffering but through the sheer bliss of joy.

It happens only in India.

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