Friday, 7 August 2015


Silence holds a condensed energy – noise scatters it.
Silence is a precious pearl standing apart in the chain of words.

‘True intelligence operates silently.
Stillness is where creativity and solutions
 to problems are found’.

It is in silence that the best reflection takes place; a reflection not outward, like that of a mirror but one which goes deep within, tearing through thick curtains of words. In moments of transcending silence though, the rustling of the leaves or the chirping of the birds is the thin string which helps to connect to reality.

The feet firmly planted on the ground, the eyes may continue their search above. It is in fact the lack of silence that prolongs learning.

                                “People slowly learn about life, my son,
Through the years, as suns rise and sink.”
-          Wladzimir Paulau in his poem ‘Work’

This lack of silence makes people take long years to learn though they finally do succeed, but the in between life gets wasted.

Words touch the mind whereas silence touches hearts.  A silent nod of acceptance, a silent smile of joy would do wonders as against deceptive words.

Nature dances in silence to embrace man and man lost in a cacophony of words unfulfilled, has already harmed nature almost beyond repair.