Monday, 27 July 2015


Bomb blasts, accidents, murders and rapes; a complete picture of our present state of hallucinated success.  You could argue and say that this is the life of those who remain uneducated, in whose lives there is not much reading and cogitation of greater issues of existence. Though it’s sad to know that all the above activities,no more simply involve the unemployed, the uneducated or the uncivilized, but in fact those standing a chance of good employment, being highly educated and perfectly civilized, are the crown bearers of today’s lunatic civil code.

What else can we wait for after decades and more of studies wholly concentrated on technicality and mechanics and completely overshadowing sentiments?  Values forgotten since so long that a memory activation would have to go back to the archives and stumble over all the prehistoric boxes of knowledge, and claim a loss of an important document of soul evaluation. The present condition born of years of ignoring issues of importance from the educational point of view have successfully got values erased from the skull of the man computer.

Downloading competitive success as a major application in the life of students has put them on a speeding engine without breaks. An easy formula to follow high speed gears is then taught to them– ‘want what you don’t need’. That’s it. Success will touch your feet and gnaw at the soles of your footwear. Some of it will get crushed under your bloated existence and some will penetrate your system through your toe nails and seep into your blood and reach your crown. You will itch for more of the less you require. What worms of greed you will fill yourself with! Those worms then will obviously answer to their nature’s call. They will piss in you and also defecate in you and then you will begin tostink. Won’t you? The stink will gradually overpower your olfactory senses and you will scream unhappiness. “I don’t believe it!” yes, that’s what you will say and puke disbelief and disgust at your wasteful collection of happy suppositories and reach out for a book on ‘How to be Happy’. You will read stories and essays and poems and your silly head will not understand their utility. You just won’t understand what went wrong with you. You silly mule!

You will be like Nick who having forgotten his real self will see his greedy reflection in his portrayal of success having picked up a lot of unnecessary stuff on his life’s journey and assume that it’s not his reflection that he sees but a totally different individual and say, “Oh Pick, you have grown so lean and thin, you were so robust and healthy. And goodness, you have gone so pale. You were so full of colour. Whatever happened to you Pick?” And then that new unrecognisable self of yours will turn around in ignorant pride and say, “Excuse me, I’m not Pick, I’m Nick”. And you will burst out with your authoritative stamp of you couldn’t go wrong kind of perfection and say, “So you have even changed your name Pick?” Why! I wonder when it will be that all the Nicks will understand what they are and differentiate that knowledge from what they are not.

The modern classrooms today are packed with such Nicks clustered together making even huge places look small and cramped. They live most of the time in their heads and some have even forgotten their hearts. Emotions of love, affection, care and joy then need to be injected into their heads with the syringes of stories, essays and poems making attempts to bring back to their minds their glorious asleep selves and awaken their slumberous hearts. If such remedies will help cure the disease of greed, it will great, but in case they fail to cure, I will console myself and say, at least I shared a beautiful story and tried to awaken an unconscious heart.


  1. So I had typed out a really long comment but both times mysteriously enough they weren't posted . so keeping it short I have to say I'm hooked to your blog and that I've found the food for thought that I have been looking for Thank you mam :)