Friday, 3 April 2015


It’s time we as humans began to reflect on our habit of random compulsive consumption induced into our avaricious system by attractive advertisements of sales flashing at us all through the year.
We need to pay attention to the need of the hour and understand that there are alternative ways to induce exuberance in our lives without sucking the environment of its treasures.

Believing in great ideas but living in the smallness of greed is not the way to be reverential towards life.  A thrifty approach instead would be a responsible behavior.
Mindless consumption today is destroying the essence of life. There couldn't be a more blatant lie that a little extra will bring joy. This modern consumerism is making every man into a Mr. Midas who will have gold all around him but fail to experience any exhilaration when the wind will whisper a song in his ears or the sun will shine in his eyes.

The ecological crisis today demands a shift in the perspective. A man living in nothingness need not be considered a mere cipher but privileged to be at peace in the enormity of that nothingness where he will not only need less but also use less.

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