Thursday, 23 January 2014


Man is indeed ignorant regarding the capacity he carries within himself – to rise to the heights of Godhood, transforming himself from being ‘the son of man’ to becoming ‘the Son of God’, and on the other extreme, to dive deep into the poisoned oceans of hatred and anger where the octopuses with tentacles of greed, fear, suffering and pain in that order, clasp him suffocating the Divine Spark within him and squeeze him dry of the last drop of humanity.

And then, with a teardrop from the heavens above, a seed of peace is planted into a woman. Yes, peace is a pregnant woman. She will create; and creation can never be destructive. She will with all her creativity design a new body for the lost man. She will build cell by cell, hands which will care and hug; feet which will run towards despair to share hope; a stomach which will be nice and round with the diet of love; a mouth which will speak kind words to aching ears and a brain which will have the wisdom and the daring to prove Jawaharlal Nehru’s paradoxical statement, ‘If you want peace, you must prepare for war’, wrong, and instead proclaim that if peace be needed, there can never be any preparation for war.

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