Sunday, 3 March 2019


We certainly need to change the way we think about women. Our preconceived notions about what is right and what is wrong for a woman need renovation. This can only happen if we (largely men and those women under the thumb rule of such men) would stop troubling our narrow minds which have no space to understand the broad spectrum of feminity.

Should love be everything in a woman’s life? How much of her inner life can she expose to the ears of the inquisitives without any fear or shame?  Sublime conversations about a woman being the epitome of benevolence actually put her under tremendous pressure. Imagine all your life being told to overrate love, so much so that you put loving yourself on the hold and continue to crave and long for being loved.
This making of a woman into a symbol of sacrifice, destroys many women on their insides. Their hunger, their anger, their bitterness and their laughter, they are expected to cover up. Their pleasures, if not in sync with the moral police are demeaned. The death of their emotions is often romanticized.

It’s sad that a woman’s worth is decided by a blind society. In fear then, many women hide their wild emotions under sad smiles and continue to live by the rule book written largely by men. In course of time some of them actually get completely disconnected from their originality and become as stupid as the rule makers.

Women need a breakthrough into a world of possibilities to create a world of self-love. None of those obstinate and self-opinionated words of some thick heads should be allowed weight for their assumptions, suggestions and recommendations of what a woman should be like.

All kinds of women, short ones and tall ones, thin ones and fat ones, fair skinned and the dark skinned ones must glorify their minds, their flesh and their colour irrespective of the stinking, obsessive, compulsive, degenerated minds which think it’s their birth right to pass unwanted comments and unsolicited advice. In fact, such commentators must be told to stick their big fists in their large open cruel jaws and shut up.

All women are more than their bodies and they need to reclaim their rights to live in peace with themselves and step out in confidence. This world belongs to everybody and not only to those some bodies who have locked up their minds in inflexible heads and starved brains. Women need to work on their right to “THINK EQUAL,BUILD SMART and INNOVATE FOR CHANGE.” If this is the theme of Women’s Day 2019, let every woman and man work on it.
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