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(Thoughts inspired by Dr. Mickey Mehta – Global Leading Holistic Health Guru/ Corporate Life Coach.)
This is a featured article for all who aspire to join his wellness revolution for human evolution to get illuminized and Mickeymized!!!

Modern day living has become disjointed due to a new life-style where bodies appear to be moving without the joys of the mind and the spirit. Be it the corporate world, a world of educationists dealing with young lives or a world of the blossoming youth, stress has been blamed to be a terrorist on the prowl to victimise all; the ordinary and the extraordinary as well.
Everybody is today searching for cures, but healing seems to come not to many. This is because the remedy has been the cure of the mind or the soul or the body disjointedly. However, Dr. Mickey Mehta leads on gently to look at it as a whole.
Moments spent with this man of well-being are portions of learning about the unity of the mind, body and spirit trinity within each one of us. When this holistic guru speaks, all who listen to him learn. Moments shared with him become adventurous trips within oneself because Dr. Mickey Mehta believes in trekking within just as much as he enjoys trekking on the rough roads of adventure.
The path to fitness, according to this man of health is an engagement of a contemplative, spiritual and devotional nature which ultimately culminates into physical well-being.
Nature is vibrant and so must we be, as humans who are a part of the universe. This universal energy is waiting to explode in us if only we give it time and space.  Whoever gives time to listen to this wellness guru, cannot rest in ignorant slumber because it is his soul call to awaken dozing heads. This healer energizes every cell in the physical, mental and spiritual being to awaken and move towards its original holistic health.
Dr. Mickey Mehta believes that to exercise the mind is as important as to exercise the limbs. If a thirty minutes walk has the ability to calm down a troubled mind, thirty minutes of disturbance to a mind can in turn play havoc on the physical body. Today’s man is playing a lot on the see-saw of the psychosomatic and the somatopsychic illnesses. Dr. Mehta’s voice of balance then has been one that has knocked at many closed doors of modern minds opening them to a view of the grandeur and magnificence of health.
Complete body fitness takes more than a trip to the gym and that’s where this doctor of health walks in to help condition the body to deal with the rollercoaster rides of everyday living.
Our physical bodies are master pieces of creation invented till date. There is no more powerful and complex piece of equipment available on the planet. They are the temples that hold in them, our minds and souls and Dr. Mickey Mehta leads us in the course of association with him, to respect this supreme creation with total reverence.
Often, everyday levels of stress weigh down on our bodies causing our souls to experience a state of shock. This is a very common modern day experience for any man or woman and sadly today even children are not spared from this soul-shock of anxiety attacks. This sorry state of modern living, which has in the course of its rash success journey detached the link between the body, mind and the spirit, needs today a guiding soul to rejoin itself to its former state of overwhelmingly powerful and splendorous being.
Dr. Mickey Mehta is that modern binding agent who leads to the mastery of oneness. With his help, many have taken power over themselves to walk in the light of wisdom of getting into the best shape of living.

- Ruby Malshe

She is a lecturer in a South Mumbai College. She has written a book of devotional Earth Poems, a novel probing a spiritual search within-‘Jars Filled with Gold’ and a book of short stories-‘The Short Skirt From India’. She is also a guest writer for Proeves, an on-line magazine for young mothers and children and a motivational speaker who talks on different issues regarding women, life and children.

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