Friday, 12 February 2016


I grew up in a school where the motto was, ‘play the game’. The game itself was beautiful to indulge in.  There was no place in it to win or lose.  The players never expressed joy when they won or grief when they lost; because as I said, the game itself was intoxicating enough and never needed the appendages of medals to make it more beautiful.
Today however, the word competition rules the forum of this playground – life. The ground here is packed with a variety of players. Weak ones, strong ones, angry ones and docile ones, all are in the game. Many though, only play to win and those who simply want to enjoy the moment also get pulled into the vortex.
Many players are clad tightly in rigid ideas which allow them no flexibility of thoughts. They have a firm grip on the tools of their games. Tools which could be self destructive; but which they do not want to let go off in their assumed notion of a win. The joy of this game they have sacrificed and replaced with a sad passion for success. They cover their weakness of lack of stillness with the strength of muscles, both physical and intellectual.

Like in the game of ‘Tug of War’, they pull and tug till they are dragged and bruised. They have never learnt to ‘give UP’ in order to be at peace ‘deep DOWN’. They have never  learnt to ‘Play the Game’.