Tuesday, 14 April 2015


While reading a book on the Holy Spirit, I came across a passage where the writer describes the descending of the Holy Spirit on man.  She goes on to explain baptism and notes that there are two kinds; the River Baptism and the Shower Baptism.

In the River Baptism one is immersed into the river totally under the water and in the Shower Baptism one is baptized with the shower of the holy water from above.

As my lips read the printed word, my mind traveled beyond the concept of religion and into the world of the spirit. Then suddenly, I remembered an enlightening analogy which stated that in a believer’s life there is a monkey and a cat phase. The monkey phase is the initial phase where the soul clings to the word of the Lord like the baby monkey clings to its mother.  If it lets go of her, it falls. However gradually after years of that clinging, comes the cat phase.  In this phase, the kitten has surrendered itself to the care of its mother.  It simply sits and cries ‘meow meow…’ till the mother suddenly comes from nowhere, picks it up and places it in a secured surrounding.

The River Baptism is like the total dependence of the baby monkey where one has to absolutely immerse in the river of prayers latching on to the Lord, and then the Shower Baptism is like the stage of surrender of the kitten where one just sits; and miracles happen.

Oh, how beautiful it must be to drown in the name and be showered with blessings!

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