Saturday, 14 February 2015


This Valentine's day I came across a beautiful love story and feel the need to share.
I share this story of my friend with his permission.

I have known Mr. Parkar for about 30 long years. That's really a long time to have known someone and yet not know that he has a caring heart.

A follower of Prophet Muhammad, Parkar would often explain to me the intricacies of worship; though not of a man belonging to any religion but of one belonging to a faith in mankind.

A recent happening in his life brought to my knowledge two things.
These two pieces of wisdom I must say are not new found discoveries but ancient wisdom buried deep under the mud of social and religious beliefs, in the hearts of all men and women.

The first one I realized was to understand the much misunderstood idea of love, when men and women plunge into relationships not knowing a word about the necessity of commitment; and the second is how honestly beauty is only skin deep. How much we focus on ourselves, our hair and our skin and colour. A small pimple or an eruption on the smooth surface of the texture of our flesh causes us sleepless nights. But alas! What lies underneath looks so undesirable universally.

Parkar's wife suffered from a cheek tumour originating from the base of her skull. She had borne the unpleasant swollen cheek for a long time.

After years of a remedy hunt, the couple finally decided to go through the risk of an operation where chances were that she would bleed to death.

As Parkar shared his love story I saw his eyes turn red. When the world today is terrified of the followers of Prophet Muhammad, I saw a follower filled with love and care.
In a world where everybody screams , 'love is beautiful', I saw love in a place where beauty had resigned from the flesh.

To be honest, I found that care is a synonym for love.

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  1. I have always respected Parkar sir since the time I have known him and now after reading this post that respect has further increased!!!!! May god bless him n Mam with lots of loving years of togetherness!!!!