Monday, 11 August 2014

When a woman goes to war can God save His world?

The world has lost it. It has since long been compelling the nurturers to become destroyers. A century after the World War I and its after effects the world still continues to be at strife. But who is it that desires to fight? Lee Camp says “99% of us are good-hearted people respect others and want peace. The other 1% rule the world and tell us we’re at war.”

The 99% to a large extent are women and children. The warring 1% has never thought about their emotions and psyche. In 2014 the women were gathered in factories to make shells during the world war. I wonder what must have gone on in their minds. Were their loving minds brain washed with the detergents of nationalism and scrubbed to the extent of erasing the universal love in their hearts?

When the men go to war they return incomplete, drunk, angry and get abusive with the world at large. Don’t blame them, they have seen the worst.
Even in the greatest wars of the good overpowering the bad, such as the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, the men filled with hatred or revenge had overlooked the hearts of their women leads Sita and Draupadi. When Ayodhya celebrated Rama’s victorious return, did anyone hear the shrieking women of the time in the background behind the noise of the victorious drums? When the Pandavas won at Kurukshetra, did Draupadi forget her naked humiliation?

Where war is a game for men who either celebrate their success or die in defeat, the women continue to live, becoming homeless and orphaned, raped by man’s greed for power and vengeance.

With the women soldiers of the modern times the greed of man leaves no hope for the world to hold on with love. When a woman goes to war can God save His world?

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