Saturday, 26 July 2014



When the sky rained bodies
In the sunflower field,
Harmony stood astonished
at the condition of her sister

When she heard the loud explosion
as the buildings rattled in fear,
She shut her ears
to the drums of war.

When a corpse fell through her roof,
she looked up at the sky amazed
at the hatred in the hearts
of her family.
Wondering how the fluid of love
Had slipped out from the sieve of

When she saw naked bodies,
some intact and some mangled,
she cried for her lost children.
Pulled, snatched and torn
in strife.

Harmony now stood hunched
surrounded by lifeless limbs
and wept clenching her heart tight
as she couldn’t locate her sister

Falling down to her knees
in fields of the dead,
she watched the results of
disharmony, and prayed for
Global Brotherhood,
Global Love,
Global Understanding,
To be introduced
in large chunks
in the minds and hearts
Of her divided children.


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