Monday, 13 August 2012



My city burnt last Saturday once again. After nearing a century of independence I saw black clouds of hatred rise up to the sky as if in defiance to the God up there who sat in His peaceful stillness. The red hot flames did all they could to burn the hopes of my country to live in fearlessness.
With the Assam riots just a few blinks of memory away didn’t we all somehow deep down know that the cries of the sufferings and pain over there would soon echo elsewhere in our country? Don’t we have the right education to think for our kind beyond ourselves and understand that even if one is suffering somewhere, the rest elsewhere cannot be happy?
Since the last 65 years we have time and again hidden our logical and practical thinking and deceived ourselves, hiding our selfishness behind curtains of faked ignorance.
Sir Walter Scott’s quote could be helpful in this regard if we were to just add another word to its completion: “Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive” ourselves.
It seems as if my country (or as a matter of fact my world) often goes on a holiday from sanity.

It’s time my countrymen give up being holy and learn to become humans. It’s time allow the milk of humanity to flow out from their limited minds instead of building strong religious forts impenetrable by a greater understanding of love and care for the whole.
On this 65th Independence Day, I desire that my country will break free from all religions which have honestly done nothing for man to reach to God but plundered, murdered, raped and destroyed in His name.
It’s time my country becomes free of so many Gods and turns within to the God who has now for long been in a comatose state.
It’s time my countrymen wake that God up who will in His wakefulness fill each one with His Omnipotence of true non-violence, His Omniscience of a peaceful understanding and His Omni presence of the knowledge I am present here in security only if the others over there are also present in their security.
Awakened from His slumber then my God will finally lead my country to walk in its true freedom and reverberate Rabindranath Tagore’s words: “Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high”.
It’s then that my countrymen will use their intelligence freely to understand the truth behind their action and not need an actor like Amir Khan to tell it to them and earn lacs due to their willing suspension of ignorance.
At the moment my dear friends of the world we are in the AWOC state which is: ‘Allowed With Out Conscience”.
Moments have come time and again to wake us up and keep us propped up with the hard pillows of our conscience not allowing us to go once again to sleep.
The freedom to stay awake is ours. Are we going to use it?
Satyameva Jayate –THE TRUTH ALWAYS PREVAILS – Ruby Malshe

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